What’s IFDB?

Internet Famous Database is a platform for influencer profiles for brands. Brands and brand representatives use IFDB to search, qualify, and connect with influencers and creators who can help achieve their marketing objectives.

I’m a creator/influencer/internet famous, what’s in this for me?

Your IFDB profile is the business side of what you do. It’s designed from the ground up for the creative economy – as if LinkedIn were actually built for you. You control information and access – when you get a”“business enquiry” you can use your IFDB profile to communicate the breadth and depth of what you do. Reach, engagement, capabilities, social channels, demographics, portfolio: it’s all there, all in one spot.

What’s IDFB Talent Dashboard?

IFDB Talent Dashboard is a platform that brands, managers, agencies, and networks use to track to relationships with the internet talent they work with. In short, it is an Influencer Relationship Management system.

Is this all free?

For influencers and internet talent, it’s 100% free to use IFDB. Brands, agencies and networks pay to use IFDB Talent Dashboard.

Can people find me on here?

Yes. IFDB is a place for your business persona. Brands and agencies use IFDB to discover, qualify and connect with the influencers they want to hire—which, if you’re the right fit, could be you.

But I’ve got an agent/manager/MCN…

We like that. IFDB complements and extends what your manager is already doing. In fact, your manager may want to point qualified enquiries to your profile on IFDB – it’s your one-sheet with reach numbers that are always up-to-date.

I’m a brand/brand representative, what’s in this for me?

Managing internet talent has challenges. Often it is extremely manual. Talent Dashboard streamlines many of the processes that are typically run using spreadsheets. IFDB Talent Dashboard saves you time, administrative headaches, and makes it easier to find, qualify, manage, and report on the bullpen of creators and influencers you work with.