April 12, 2018 | Karina

IFDB Talent of the Week - Sheree Ho

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IFDB Talent of the Week — Sheree Ho

Sheree is an LA mom of two and ex-corporate executive turned lifestyle blogger.

She started her blog, Posh Classy Mom, three years ago to inspire women that posh and classy can be a state of confidence no matter what age or stage of life you’re in.

It’s a visual journal of her fashion, lifestyle, and travels.

Sheree doesn’t believe that you need fancy and expensive clothes to appear polished and put together.

She loves “thrifty chic” just as much as she loves designer brands.

In Sheree’s posts, she always includes inexpensive alternatives to appeal to a more frugal demographic.

Sheree has a section on her blog called “Posh Eats” where she shares her favorite restaurants and pretty meals.

Sometimes that’s while traveling, and sometimes it’s just in her local neighborhood.

Her followers love seeing the beautiful photos of food, and it plays into the romanticized lifestyle of living in Los Angeles.

The mom part of Posh Classy Mom plays a huge role in the blog.

Sometimes Sheree shares her tips and experiences with parenting, but mainly just the adorable outfits her children wear.

Her readers love all her “mommy & me” fashion finds, and learning about new fashionable retailers for kids!

We want to shoutout Sheree because we think it’s awesome that she was successful in making her hobby a full-time job.

She’s able to support her family through her creative outlet, which has become one of the Top 100 Lifestyle Mom Blogs.

IFDB helps her show off what she’s made of.

Congrats Sheree, keep up the good work! 🌟

Sheree’s IFDB profile can be found here.

But you should check her out on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram.

And of course, her blog Posh Classy Mom.