May 3, 2018 | Karina

IFDB Talent of the Week - Jocelyn Walker

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IFDB Talent of the Week — Jocelyn Walker

material girl / fashion lover

Jocelyn is a fashion blogger from Orange County, California.

She loves keeping up with trends, sharing her favorite looks, and having fun with her wardrobe.

Her blog, Dress Me Blonde, is an archive of all her amazing outfits and where to buy them.

Jocelyn often posts on her blog more than twice a week, sharing her best outfits with her readers. 

She doesn’t just drop photos and move along, she writes long and thoughtful posts about the products she’s wearing.

Her fashion insight is deeper than just plugging products, and that kind of substance keeps her followers engaged.

However, Jocelyn does tell you where to buy those products, and makes sure it links back to her for commission. 

Her readers are already following her because they love her style, so they definitely want to buy the clothes they see in her photos.

Using affiliate or referral links helps brands keep track of how many of Jocelyn’s followers are being converted into real sales.

Joelyn believes in authenticity, and prides herself in delivering quality content.

We would have to agree.

She works with brands that are big or small, as long as she thinks her audience will love them.

She connects with her followers, replies to comments, and builds relationships with her readers.

We want to shoutout Jocelyn because she’s super consistent and driven.

She’s staying in her lane and dominating her niche.

IFDB helps her show off her stats to brands.

Nice job Jocelyn! 🌟

Jocelyn’s IFDB profile can be found here.

But you should check her out on Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram.

And of course, on her blog Dress Me Blonde.

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