April 5, 2018 | Karina

IFDB Talent of the Week - Farrah Davidson

Friends, brands, influencers, greetings from Hollywood 🌴


Farrah Davidson is a fashion, lifestyle, and mommy blogger from Michigan.

She started her blog London had a Little Lamb shortly after the birth of her first daughter, London, to showcase her toddler’s daily looks. 🎀

With the success of her site, Farrah has grown her Insta to over 155k followers who look forward to seeing all of London’s new outfits.

Farrah’s main focus started with her daughter’s adorable fashion, but has since expanded to include more about their daily lives.

She’s a practicing dentist, recently had twins, and still somehow finds time to share special moments with her followers.

Farrah writes about her parenting experiences in the hopes it will help her readers with their own little lambs. 🐑

Farrah started with one little lamb, but now has three- and a whole lot of followers!

Despite being a super mom, her amazing style remains the true spotlight of her blog posts.

She always mentions where she purchased her clothes, even if the post isn’t necessarily fashion-oriented.

Farrah feels strongly about staying true to herself, and only represents brands and companies she’s truly passionate about.

She never wants her readers to question her authenticity, or wonder if she’s just trying to sell them something.

Luckily, this actually makes it much easier to sell products!

We want to shoutout Farrah because she’s got a great eye for detail.

She works hard and engages with her followers, all while raising three kids.

IFDB helps her show off what she’s made of.

Nice job Farrah! 🌟

Farrah’s IFDB profile can be found here.

But you should check her out on FacebookPinterest, & Instagram.

And of course on her blog, London had a Little Lamb.

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