April 19, 2018 | Karina

IFDB Talent of the Week - Aurela Lacaj

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IFDB Talent of the Week — Aurela Lacaj

Aurela Lacaj is a fashion and travel lover from Albania.

Since she was a little girl, she knew fashion was her passion.

On her blog, Aurela Fashionista, she strives to show that high fashion looks can be achieved without breaking the bank.

Aurela posts about her life, and the fashion that comes with that.

She’s getting married soon, so many of her posts have been about planning her wedding. 👰🏻

Like picking out the perfect tuxedo

Fashion never takes the back burner on her blog- even when it comes to major life events.

Almost all of Aurela’s posts are about her fashion in a different city.

Whether it be Portland, Vancouver, or Salzburg in Austria, she’s always on the move and always looking stylish.

When content creators write posts about hotels, they get invited to stay at more hotels.

Being Internet famous is not a bad gig if you’ve got the travel bug. 🌍

Aurela also shares thought provoking posts about her ideals and opinions.

In one post, she expressed her views on self image, Instagram, and whatdefines class.

In another, she talks about getting her dream job of being a Fashion Buyer for a local lifestyle concept store, and how hard she worked to achieve this goal.

Sharing your personal experiences makes it easier for your readers to relate and connect with you.

Aurela is doing a pretty amazing job at getting what she wants.

She navigates through her busy life with fashion at the center of it.

IFDB helps her show potential partners what she’s capable of.

You’re killing it, Aurela! 😎

Aurela’s IFDB profile can be found here.

But you should check her out on Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram.

And of course, on Aurela Fashionista.

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